Shipping, Processing and General Questions

How long will it take to process my order?

When will my order ship?

Is it possible to have an order shipped overnight? (domestic inquiries only)

My product broke. What can I do?

Drone Filters

My filters are difficult to remove from the Mavic. How do I take them off?

My Mavic filters are too tight, what can I do?

Does the weight of your filters effect my drone's gimbal?

Whats's the difference between the Cinema Series and standard filter sets?

Will the added weight of your filters (or accessories) cause reduced flight time?

Will the Phantom 4 filters fit the Phantom 4 Pro?

Will the Phantom 3 filters fit the Phantom 4?

Can I purchase individual filters that aren't available as single SKUs on your website?

How do I know which filter to use for my drone?

GoPro Models and Housings

How do I know which filters will fit my GoPro camera?

Which GoPro housing do I have? (Hero4 and Hero3 Cameras)