GoPro Polarizer Filter Hero3+

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  • Reduces glare off of water and snow
  • Improves color saturation and contrast
  • Glass lens for sharp optics and maximum scratch resistance 
  • Snap-on design for quick install/removal 

​How to tell which GoPro housing you have: 

GoPro Polarizer Filter Hero3+
GoPro Polarizer Filter Hero3+
GoPro Polarizer Filter Hero3+
GoPro Polarizer Filter Hero3+

Product Information


The Polarizer Filter was the first of the PolarPro filter line, and has been refined over the years to compliment the GoPro perfectly.  Now with a glass lens and durable design, the Polarizer Filter offers extreme scratch resistance and will stand up against the elements.  A polarizer is the most common filter used by professional cinematographers and photographers, especially when filming outside.  This filter will reduce glare off surfaces, while also improving color saturation.  This enables you crisp video and vivid colors in the brightest of conditions.  A polarizer is an important tool when filming on sunny days, especially when filming near snow, water, car windshield, or any other reflective surface.  The lens attaches to the front of your cameras underwater housing with its simple snap on/off design.  Durable construction holds the lens firmly in place while filming.

  • Ultra-durable construction
  • 180 day warranty against manufacture defects
What's In The Box
  • Polarizer Filter
  • Microfiber storage bag
  • Tether

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