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Wifi Tripod Harness | Osmo Pocket

Wifi Tripod Harness | Osmo Pocket


Engineered to make your Osmo Pocket tripod compatible while the Wifi Module is installed. This harness has dual ¼’’-20 mounts allowing photographers and videographers to add their favorite tripod, light or microphone to their set up. Additionally, the built in Arca Swiss quick release system gives the Osmo Pocket the ability to slide into a tripod plate without having to worry about setup time or breakdown.



  • Securely holds Osmo Pocket and Wifi Module together 
  • Dual ¼’’-20 mounts + Arca Swiss mounts allow for numerous orientation options
  • Mount your favorite tripod, light, or microphone for a full production setup
  • Minimalist rubber-coated design protects sandstone handle
  • USB-C port access
Dual 1/4''-20 Threads
Control Wheel Compatible
USB-C Port Access


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