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TriLock | Mobile

TriLock | Mobile

SKU: TriLock
  • Tripod mount fits all phones up to iPhone 7 Plus (with case)
  • Features (3) ¼ 20 Mounting points for accessories or multiple configurations
  • Fixed mounting points at 45-degrees, 90-degrees, and on its side.
  • Secure locking system keeps your phone in place
  • Provides mounting points to turn your phone into a mini camera-rig

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The TriLock is a rugged mobile phone tripod mount featuring three ¼ 20 mounting points. The three ¼ 20 mounting points enable you to mount your phone at a 45-degree, 90-degree, or vertically. In addition to the multiple mounting locations the ¼ 20 mounts allow you to mount accessories such as microphones, lights, or any other ¼ 20 accessory to your phone. The TriLock is built to securely hold up to an iPhone 7 Plus with a case. Every surface that comes in contact with your mobile phone is rubberized to protect your phones finish. TriLock enables your to turn your mobile phone into the ultimate portable camera rig