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OtterBox uniVERSE Case System - Business Bundle

OtterBox uniVERSE Case System - Business Bundle

SKU: uniVERSE-Business-BLK-6


Product Discontinued
  • Includes OtterBox uniVERSE Case, PowerPack, BeatPulsar, and The Stash
  • Choose white or black case for iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • PowerPack provides up to 100% charge for long work days 
  • BeatPulsar allows you to take conference calls anywhere
  • Stash provides quick access to business cards, credit cards, or ID


The Business bundle includes the uniVERSE case, PowerPack external battery module, the BeatPulsar portable speakerphone module, and Stash wallet, providing you the mobile tools you need to put in a solid day’s work.

The PowerPack external battery module packs enough power to recharge your iPhone 6/6s back up to 100%, or iPhone 6 Plus 75%, ensuring you never loose power when business takes you out of the office. At just 2.5 ounces and ¼” thick, the PowerPack is small enough to store in your briefcase, adding minimal bulk to the backside of the uniVERSE case, so that while attached, you can still keep your phone comfortably in your jacket or pant pocket, or in the palm of your hand. A simple on/off sliding power switch indicates if your unit is on or off, so you can let the power flow or store it until you need it. 4 LED lights indicate the power level of the PowerPack battery, so that you always know when you are running low, without ever running out. When it comes time to recharge the PowerPack, plug into any USB port using the included charge cable, and you’re ready for overtime.  

The BeatPulsar speakerphone module keeps your calls on the line with its own built in power supply, so you can conserve your iPhone battery for the rest of your busy day. Portable yet powerful, the BeatPulsar boasts dual speakers, and an internal mic that can be utilized as a speakerphone or audio recorder. Perfect for conference calls, or recording and playing back interviews. The BeatPulsar operates via Bluetooth, so that you can quickly and securely connect to your iPhone 6, as well as other approved nearby devices. Set the speakerphone up on your desk or on the conference table, or attach it to your uniVERSE case while you work on the go. Hefty enough for up to 8 hours of playback, the BeatPulsar is ready to put in work.

The slim profile of the Stash wallet module adds minimal bulk to the backside of the uniVERSE case, so that you hardly notice you’ve got your phone and wallet in the same pocket. Made with sleek yet tough black leather, this modern fashion-inspired wallet will withstand all the daily abuse you can put it through, while maintaining a stylish sensibility. The Stash slides off of the uniVERSE case with a flick of the wrist, so that you can use it as a traditional wallet, like on those extended business calls when you need fast access to the information in your Stash. The Stash features two card slots, with enough room for 3 cards, or 2 cards and some cash, so that you’re ready for business. Minimal yet functional, the Stash gives you just enough room for what you need, and nothing you don’t. Pairs well with a suit.