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Extension Remote Sticks | Mavic 2 & Mavic Air

Extension Remote Sticks | Mavic 2 & Mavic Air

  • Fits Mavic 2 and Mavic Air
  • Customizable length from 0.75in (stock size) to 1.25 inches
  • Greater height for more precise control over joystick movements
  • Lightweight machined aircraft aluminum 
  • Compacts down to fit inside the remote like the stock sticks
  • Textured finish for enhanced grip
  • Lifetime Warranty

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What's Included

Adjustable length
Enhanced grip
Fits inside Remote



PolarPro extension remote sticks are adjustable from 0.75in (stock size) to 1.25 inches, giving those with large thumbs or limited hand dexterity more precise control over the Mavic remote’s small, stock thumbsticks. Built from lightweight machined aircraft aluminum for durability, with a textured finish that provides enhanced thumb traction so you can better control the flight and camera movements of your Mavic Air. When you’re through flying, PolarPro extension thumbsticks detach to fit inside your remote just like the DJI thumbsticks.

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