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Get a free CP Filter with the purchase of any Filmmaking Kit ($49.99 value).


LiteChaser Pro | iPhone 12 Filter System


LiteChaser Pro | iPhone 12 Filter System


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  • Completely redesigned for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.
  • A minimalist system for content creators.
  • Compatible with Moment® M-Series lenses. (Not compatible with LCP12 filters when using Moment® lenses.)
  • MagSafe™ magnet array enables charging and mounting via any MagSafe™ accessory.
  • Adventure Assurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.
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LiteChaser Pro | iPhone® 12 Edition

The Only Minimalist Filter
System For iPhone® 12

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

You Asked, We Listened.

The completely redesigned LiteChaser Pro
for iPhone® 12

Moment® Lens Compatibility +

Improved LCP12 Filter-Mount Design

(LCP12 Filters not compatible with Moment Lenses Installed)

Bluetooth Shutter

Grip Remote Control

MAGSAFE™ Magnet Array +

Compatible with all MAGSAFE Chargers and Mounts

Mobile-Optimized Filters

About Filter

Circular Polarizer (CP)

The essential filter for capturing deeper colors and reducing glare, reflections and haze from your photos. Rotatable to ensure you can completely control its effect based on your composition.

Camera Compatibility:

  • >> Ultra Wide
  • >> Wide
  • >> Telephoto


Circular Polarizer

About Filter

VND 3-5 Stop

Our Most successful filter to date and shrunk down to fit in your pocket. This aluminum-framed variable nd filter is engineered specifically for mobile filmmakers so you can lower shutter speeds to cinematic levels.

Camera Compatibility:

  • >> Wide
  • >> Telephoto


3-5 Stop

About Filter

Mist Filter

Give your content a dream-like cinematic glow and increased production value. Mist evens out highlights and excels at giving human subjects a polished appearance without sacrificing image sharpness.

Camera Compatibility:

  • >> Ultra Wide
  • >> Wide
  • >> Telephoto



About Filter

Mist 3-5 Stop

The first of its kind, a diffusion + VND in a single aluminum frame. Revolutionizing the ability to combine both filters in one, complete light control while adding a soft, angelic, and creative look to your footage.

Camera Compatibility:

  • >> Wide
  • >> Telephoto

Mist 3-5

Diffusion VND

Introducing Two
New Grip Orientations

Eight different grip positions ensure you are comofortable no matter your shooting style.

Flip the grip to the front side for confident self filming using iPhone 12's powerful rear cameras.

Set your camera on a self-timer and shoot vertically without the need for a tripod.

Confidently shoot photos vertically.

Attention to Detail

LiteChaser Pro


LiteChaser Pro


New For iPhone® 12

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