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Katana | Inspire 2

Katana | Inspire 2

SKU: Katana-i2

  • A Cinema Rig that enables your Inspire 2 to be operated as a handheld ground camera
  • Includes two plates for both the Inspire 2 and Cendence remotes
  • System fully breaks down for easy storage and transport
  • Rubber contact pads where grip mounts to Inspire 2 for added protection
  • Entire Rig Weighs 14lbs (Rig / Inspire 2 / X7 / Cendence Remote / CrystalSky)  


The Katana i2 is a comprehensive Cinema Rig enabling you to use your Inspire 2 as a ground camera. With the Katana i2 you have full gimbal control, Live-view monitoring through your display, and multiple grip configurations to capture your vision. After you shoot your aerial scenes with the Inspire 2, the Katana i2 enables you to use it as a camera B or camera C, instead of just having it sit on the sidelines. The full system weighs 14 lbs which is not too much heavier than a Ronin MX and a Sony A7S with Display (11LBS). If you own an Inspire 2 and are looking to get more value out of its production capabilities, the Katana i2 will deliver.