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CP Filter | Hero 4 / 3

CP Filter | Hero 4 / 3


  • Fits Hero4, Hero3+, and Hero3 cameras in frame housing
  • HD Glass ensures razor sharp image clarity
  • Secure push-on design for easy installation
  • Reduces glare & increases color saturation
  • Lightweight at just 6.1g perfect for gimbals
  • Protects GoPro lens while filming outside the housing
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Frame 2.0 Polarizer Filter is designed for filming outside of the GoPro waterproof housing, or in the GoPro frame housing. A polarizing filter is the most common filter used by professional cinematographers, especially while filming outdoors. This filter will reduce glare off surfaces such as water and snow, which allows for greater color saturation in your GoPro content.  A polarizing filter is an important tool when filming on sunny days, especially when filming near snow, water, car windshields, or any other reflective surface. The Frame 2.0 Polarizer enables you to capture crisp video and images with vivid colors in the brightest conditions. This lightweight yet durable filter slides directly onto the GoPro camera lens with a snug, reliable fit.  Our frame filters are most popular when filming from a quadcopter and/or gimbal, and at just 6.1 grams, the Frame 2.0 Polarizer filter is perfect for shooting aerial videos over water and snow on bright, sunny days.  Capture the most epic and balanced content possible with the Frame 2.0 Polarizer Filter.