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GoldMorphic Filter | QuartzLine



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The QuartzLine FX GoldMorphic streak filter adds professional anamorphic-style warm flares to your scene without the need for stylized cinema lenses. Streak filters mimic the anamorphic streak flare effect, causing streaks on bright light sources or reflections in the scene. Get creative and set the mood!


  • Cinema Series™ Glass - Made in Germany.
  • Brass Frame - Engineered to withstand a lifetime out in the field.
  • Defender360™ Protective Case - All QuartzLine filters include their own defender case, offering complete weatherproof protection.
  • Rotatable frame allows you to tune in streak angle.
  • 16 Coating Layers - Anti-scratch / anti-oil / hydrophobic coatings.
  • Adventure Assurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

Streak Filter

Set The Mood


360° of filter protection, featuring a fully waterproof seal.

Set It In Action

FX Filter Specs

An in-depth look at materials and construction.

Mist/Mist HBlue/GoldMorphic
Glass Material:Cinema Series™Cinema Series™
Frame Material:BrassBrass
Available Thread Sizes:67mm, 77mm, 82mm67mm, 77mm, 82mm

67 = 70mm

77 = 80mm

82 = 85mm

67 = 70.5mm

77 = 80.5mm

82 = 85.5mm


67 = 6.5mm

77 = 6.5mm

82 = 6.5mm

67 = 7.5mm

77 = 7.5mm

82 = 7.5mm


67 = 29g

77 = 37g

82 = 37.5g

67 = 32.9g

77 = 38.8g

82 = 43.5g

Sustainability Initiative

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