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Belay | Quick-Release Camera Strap [1.5-inch]

Belay | Quick-Release Camera Strap [1.5-inch]


Comfortably ensure your camera is always by your side without limiting your movement. The ergonomic anchor point attached to the bottom of the camera offers a lower carrying profile than conventional straps as you adventure through rough terrain. Belay has an integrated QuickDraw mechanism that allows you to swiftly remove your camera if needed. Constructed out of aluminum and industrial nylon this camera strap securely supports the heaviest of professional camera + lens combinations.



  • QuickDraw mechanism enables you to quickly disconnect the camera by rotating counter-clockwise and re-install by snapping it back in.
  • An enhanced carry profile sets the camera at your side for all-day comfort.
  • Rated to 50lbs, the Belay securely support the heaviest professional camera/lens combinations.
  • Features a 1.5-inch nylon camera strap.


Includes 1.5-inch Camera Strap
QuickDraw Mechanism
Securely Supports Pro Setups