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Shutter Collection - Cinema Series | X-Star

Shutter Collection - Cinema Series | X-Star


  • Precisely engineered for the Autel X-Star and X-Star Premium
  • Cinema Series™ multi-coated glass for pristine optics
  • AirFrame™ featherlight construction for smooth gimbal operation
  • Includes ND4, ND8, ND16 filters 
  • Special edition anodized aircraft aluminum frame
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Shutter Collection features neutral density filters that are designed to maximize shutter speed reduction, providing a smooth cinematic composition. The 2-stop ND4 filter is ideal for reducing shutter speed on partly cloudy days, and during sunrise and sunset. The 3-stop ND8 filter will provide ample shutter speed reduction in mostly sunny conditions, and the 4-stop ND16 filter is great for flying on bright, sunny days, especially near water or snow.  PolarPro's  AirFrame™ construction produces featherlight filters weighing only 2.88 grams and ensures smooth gimbal operation. For production grade Autel X-Star filters at an affordable price, choose the Cinema Series from PolarPro.