Lance Knowles

Hometown - Nassau, Bahamas

A 2003 Art Institute graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Multi Media and Web Design, Lance’s passion for technology and creative imagery runs deep. His knowledge in operating sUAS for over 5-years, combined with International experience ranging from World Cup Futbol matches, to Fijian documentaries, and superstar filled music videos makes him one of the finest Remote Pilots and Gimbal operators in the industry. Blessed with an innovative and creative passion, he has one simple goal - deliver stunning one of a kind imagery that you have never seen before. A proud member of the PolarPro team, Lance wears many hats and continues to stay on the cutting edge of product development.

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Josh Berman

Hometown - The Green Mountains, VT

Producer, director, editor and cinematographer Josh Berman has been at the forefront of action sports and lifestyle film production for nearly two decades under the banner of his company Level 1; having racked up dozens of awards and accolades in the process. Originally hailing from the Green Mountains of Vermont, he studied film-making and photography at Dartmouth College and cut his teeth in the commercial production scene in New York City before following the snow West in 2002 to Denver, CO where Level 1 is headquartered today.

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Eric Sterman

Hometown - Haleiwa, HI

Eric Sterman was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Growing up on the world-renowned 7-mile miracle surf stretch and just down the street from Pipeline, Sterman gained a deep appreciation for the surfing lifestyle. As a surfer, he has always kept busy enjoying the many activities the island has to offer. This brought him into the field of videography. He wanted to share his experiences with friends and family, not just at home, but around the globe. Eric specializes in aerial drone videography and photography.

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Jeff Colhoun

Hometown - San Francisco, CA

Jeff Colhoun, a San Francisco Bay Area native is a published photographer and was an early adopter of unmanned aircraft. Since 2011 he has been utilizing them in his work around the world. He got his start in the world of digital imaging in 2001 during a high school Photoshop class. He went on to receive his MFA in photography 2012. His clients range from Ford, ESPN, Gap, and environmental NGO's. When he's not filming or shooting you can probably find him out exploring in Lake Tahoe.

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Rik Cordero

Hometown - New York, NY

Rik was born and raised in Queens, New York and recently relocated to Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Nancy and 6 year old daughter Chloe. He was nominated for Video Director Of The Year at the 2009 BET Awards and was the recipient of the Best Film Award for his feature film, Inside A Change which made its world premiere at the 2009 HBO New York International Latino Film Festival. In 2010, Rik was featured in Sprite’s print and television ads for their Spark campaign and directed The World Is Watching, a Nike sports documentary about the culture of New York City high school basketball narrated by Spike Lee.

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Kody & Kyler McCormick

Hometown - Lake Zurich, IL

As young entrepreneurs, Kyler and Kody McCormick founded the adventure filmmaking brand, "The Outbound Life". They are currently sponsored by, and have traveled the world working with many filmmaking and photography industry leaders including DJI, Adobe, G-technology, Glidecam, Rode Microphones, and they are Manfrotto ambassadors. The McCormicks want to inspire others to live life to the fullest through their stories of hope and adventure.

Vadim Sherbakov

Hometown - Moscow, Russia

Vadim is an independent Art Director specialising in interactive web projects with more than 10 years of experience both in the film and web industries. As a professional aerial photographer and videographer with a passion for teaching his skills, Vadim's work speaks for itself in terms of both quality and sheer jaw-dropping beauty.

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Chris Grubisa

Hometown - Toronto, Canada

For Chris Grubisa, the most exciting project is whichever one is next. Chris finds himself in far-flung areas of the world or just around the corner from his Toronto office where he leads his creative team at Chrilleks Productions. A multi-award winning digital media company that focuses on action-sport and lifestyle content.

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Nick Cahill

Hometown - San Mateo, CA

Nick is the Media Director for Force 12 Media which is the leading publication company focused on original Foreign Policy News, Military entertainment, and Mens Lifestyle content. The niche network reaches over 40 million monthly. Nick creates, edits and produces 100% of the visual content for Force 12 Media. Having been on the PolarPro team since the beginning, he’s an adventure junkie by lifestyle and world traveler with an eye for a great pic. Nick landed the cover for a Special Edition National Geographic magazine that was published in the Fall of 2015. He's rounding competition on his 1988 tiny home build that will takes place in a Thomas built 4x4 converted school bus (@bluebusadventure) Nick will use the bus as his mobile office to live in and travel to continue perfecting his photography and videography skills all while adventuring the outdoors.

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Craig Coker

Hometown - Big Bear Lake, CA

While Craig may seem like a laid back introspective, his work tells a very different tale. Through the lens of his vision comes imagery that causes the casual passer-by to stop and stare. While Craig's recognition has taken several forms-from professional athlete, to the mind behind world class events, his greatest talent has been realized through photography. In maintaining his position on the cutting edge of new technology, he consistently finds unusual and spectacular ways to showcase his perspectives. In the past 6 years he has specialized in drone operation. His clients range from Toyota, Mercedes, Red Bull, Titleist, Panasonic and Sony.

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Max Seigal

Hometown - Boulder, CO

Max Seigal is an avid photographer and aerial videographer. He spends most of his year traveling around the globe with National Geographic expeditions, working everywhere from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Max’s work has won several prestigious and has been featured in numerous international publications. When he’s not in the field shooting photographs you can often find Max climbing mountains, skiing the backcountry, and biking the trails outside his home in Boulder, Colorado.

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SCVP Media

Hometown - Sun Valley, ID

Spencer Cordovano has been fortunate enough to travel the world. His degree of gratitude extends to the point of which filming is his communication and passion. Chase Cleveland specializes in remote location videography, digital editing, and U.A.S. (unmanned aircraft system) flight operation. With a BS degree in MIS (management information systems) and an affinity for RC systems, aerial cinematography became second nature.

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