iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max

The iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max has yet again revolutionized the mobile content-creating space. Maximize your creative experience and push the boundaries of what a mobile phone can accomplish with our expansive line of filters, lenses and accessories.

New Filters

Our new lineup of filters features VNDs, Mist Diffusion, VND Mist combos, and creative morphic streak options.

Future-Proof Design

LCP13 filters and lenses will be fully-compatible with future LiteChaser Pro models.

New Grip Features

The LCP13 Grip now features both a 1/4''-20 thread and top cold shoe mount, perfect for mounting external accessories such as lights and mics.

Mist [1/4]

1/4 stregth diffusion.


Anamorphic-style blue streak effects.


Anamorphic-style gold streak effects.

Expanded VND Range

Available in 3-5 and 6-7 stop variations, with 1/4 strength diffusion options. No filter-stacking needed.