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Jump into the conversation with host Dave Maze who gets to know a diverse assortment of creatives from photographers/videographers to entrepreneurs who have taken their creative skills and built a business.



Pierre T. Lambert

We talked about his experiences thus far and his viewpoint on why it doesn't matter what other people think of your content.

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Sam Ciurdar

We sat down with Filmmaker & Photographer Sam Ciurdar, to talk about his journey from sneaking into college classes to success as a commercial photographer.

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Lizzie Peirce & Chris Hau

Lizzie Peirce & Chris Hau are not only individually amazing creators but they work as a team under the production house that they own: Know Hau Media.

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Sorelle Amore

We sat down with the Advanced Selfie Queen herself, Sorelle Amore, to talk about everything from her photography skillset to her outlook on life

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Ian Harper & Henry Nathan

In this episode, we sit down with Ian and Henry who have built a huge ≈ 3 million community of photography enthusiasts.

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Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a legendary adventure photographer who has amassed a huge social media fan base over 3.5 million strong.

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Sidney Diongzon

Sidney Diongzon is a YouTuber & Filmmaker who has found his way by staying true to who he is.

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Chris Poplawski

Chris Poplawski is a businessman turned photographer who has uses his experience with nature to tell a story via photographs.

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