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Jump into the conversation with host Dave Maze who gets to know a diverse assortment of creatives from photographers/videographers to entrepreneurs who have taken their creative skills and built a business.



Josh Yeo

Josh Yeo, is a filmmaker, storyteller, artist, and content creator who has developed a unique YouTube channel, Make.Art.Now, where he shares interesting solutions to problems filmmakers face. Josh lives by his mantra:  “Pursue your dreams with reckless abandon.”

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Jason Anthony

Jason has navigated a compelling journey to become a full-time content creator. At age 28, he quit his corporate 9-5 job, packed up his things, and moved across the country to California to pursue his dreams.

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Matt Komo

In the creative world, there are people who are multi-talented and then there are those who can convey their message through almost every medium. Matt Komo talks with us about filmmaking, directing music videos, producing music, graphic design, photography and his...

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Garrett King

Garrett King is a photographer, graphic designer, colorist, cinematographer, instructor, and adventurer. He has developed a very recognizable look to his work which is best showcased on this @shortstache Instagram portfolio.

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Kitty Peters

Kitty Peters is a multitalented creative who works as a photographer, videographer, director, and YouTuber. She owns and operates her media house, Atola Visuals, which works with a wide range of commercial clients.

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Zeke Silva

Zeke Silva is a drone pilot and night photographer who faces creative challenges but overcomes them to create meaningful photography that he shares with his Instagram audience @ZekesView.

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Jeven Dovey

Jeven Dovey is a full-time filmmaker who shares his experiences on YouTube. His channel consists of tutorials on cameras, filmmaking skills and keys to success when using the YouTube platform as a whole.

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Jason Vong

Jason Vong is a filmmaker, wedding content creator, YouTuber, and camera review extraordinaire. We cover Jason's passion for videography, his strong ties to the Sony brand and his opinions on YouTube.

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Ben Horne

Ben Horne limits himself to spark creativity. He only photographs with large format cameras primarily using 8x10 or 4x5 film which forces him to create visually stunning landscape photography within those parameters.

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Gab Scanu

We spoke with Gab Scanu about his roots of shooting aerial content of the Australian coast and how he was able to develop an aesthetic that resonates on a worldly scale.

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Ken Bolido

Ken Bolido is the production lead for the Austin Evans YouTube channel which has well over 3 million subscribers. 

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Matthew Underwood

Matthew Underwood is a filmmaker & director who has collaborated with brands AT&T, Rolling Stone, Evan Williams Bourbon, and Kellogg’s.

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Erin Outdoors

Erin Sullivan is a wildlife/travel photographer, writer, blogger, professional travel guide, on-camera host and overall outdoor savant.

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L Tanjuquio is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and graphic design artist who has almost 20 years of experience working with high-profile clients.

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Meagan Bourne

Meagan Bourne is an adventurous landscape photographer who has also carved out a niche in wedding photography, specializing in unique elopements and engagements.

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Pierre T. Lambert

We talked about his experiences thus far and his viewpoint on why it doesn't matter what other people think of your content.

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Sam Ciurdar

We sat down with Filmmaker & Photographer Sam Ciurdar, to talk about his journey from sneaking into college classes to success as a commercial photographer.

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Lizzie Peirce & Chris Hau

Lizzie Peirce & Chris Hau are not only individually amazing creators but they work as a team under the production house that they own: Know Hau Media.

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Sorelle Amore

We sat down with the Advanced Selfie Queen herself, Sorelle Amore, to talk about everything from her photography skillset to her outlook on life

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Ian Harper & Henry Nathan

In this episode, we sit down with Ian and Henry who have built a huge ≈ 3 million community of photography enthusiasts.

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Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a legendary adventure photographer who has amassed a huge social media fan base over 3.5 million strong.

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Sidney Diongzon

Sidney Diongzon is a YouTuber & Filmmaker who has found his way by staying true to who he is.

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Chris Poplawski

Chris Poplawski is a businessman turned photographer who has uses his experience with nature to tell a story via photographs.

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