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Dimension / Specs


  • Inner Diameter
  • 112mm
  • Weight
  • 150g
Thread Plates
  • Dimensions
  • 112mm x 6mm
  • Weight
  • 23g

Circular Frame

  • Dimensions
  • 107mm x 4mm
  • Weight
  • 44g

ND Frame

  • Dimensions
  • 106mm x 126mm x 4mm
  • Weight
  • 68g

Grad Frame

  • Dimensions
  • 106mm x 176mm x 4mm
  • Weight
  • 95g

  • Dimensions
  • 150mm x 160mm
  • Weight
  • 75g


What’s the main difference between Summit and BaseCamp?
Summit is a 3-stage filter system built for landscape photography and is more compact than basecamp because it does not need to adapt to cinema lenses.

Basecamp is a 2-stage filter system built for cinematography and has larger filters to fit a wide variety of lenses up to 114mm cinema lenses.
Need help setting up your system?
Can I use it with wide-angle lenses like my Nikon 14-24mm?
No, the Nikon 14-24mm does not have a threaded filter mount, so Summit will not attach to this lens.
Can I stack two straight ND filters instead of an ND and a Grad?
Yes, you can stack two ND filters instead of using an ND and Grad.
At what focal length would I begin to see vignetting?
The Summit system works across all lenses down to 17mm (full frame equivalent). Some Lenses are built in a way that enable lower focal lengths. We are currently building documentation around this; at this time we are saying full compatibility down to 17mm.