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When will BaseCamp Ship?
Orders placed today reserve your product in our third production run, shipping January 25th.
What's the main difference between Summit and BaseCamp?
Summit is a 3-stage filter system built for landscape photography and is more compact than BaseCamp because it does not need to adapt to cinema lenses. BaseCamp is a 2-stage filter system built for cinematography and has larger filters to fit a wide variety of lenses up to 114mm cinema lenses.
Need help setting up your system?
Will I be able to use the Diffusion Filters simultaneously with the VND configuration?
No, the diffusion filter will take the place of the CP filter in the VND configuration. The diffusion will only work with the straight ND filters, NOT variable ND's.
Can I use BaseCamp with wide-angle lenses like my Nikon 14-24mm?
BaseCamp is compatible with wide angle lenses that have threaded filter mounts or have an outer diameter compatible with one of our clamp rings sizes. The Nikon 14-24mm does not have filter threads so it won't work with BaseCamp.
Will you be making additional filters, such as a Grad, available for BaseCamp in the future?
Yes, we are compiling all the filter requests as we fully build out this system. If you have any filter requests, please send us an email via our support page.
Can I mount BaseCamp on smaller diameter lenses using your traditional Step-Up Rings?
Yep! The configuration setup is:
Lens > Step Up Ring > 82mm Thread Plate > BaseCamp.
Can BaseCamp be used on smaller gimbals such as the Ronin-S?
The lightest configuration of the BaseCamp System is 298 grams. If your camera system’s weight combined with BaseCamp’s 298 grams is within the operating limits, it will work.

Dimension / Specs



  • Diameter
  • 114mm
  • Weight
  • 155g *without hood, flag, clamp rings
Thread Plates
  • Dimensions
  • 114mm x 10mm
  • Weight
  • 30g

Circular Frame

  • Dimensions
  • 111.5MM x 4mm
  • Weight
  • 48g

Rectangular Frame

  • Dimension
  • 140MM x 140mm x 4mm
  • Weight
  • 95g
Clamp Rings
  • Diameter
  • 114mm x 10mm
  • Diameter Range
  • 62mm-105mm
  • Dimensions
  • 185mm x 145mm
  • Weight
  • 80g
  • Dimensions
  • 185mm x 145mm
  • Weight
  • 85g