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DJI Spark Filters-How to enhance your photos and videos 

PolarPro’s DJI Spark Filters will help reduce glare and lower shutter speed to help you capture smooth cinematic videos. PolarPro has two styles of filters for the DJI Spark, the Cinema Series and the Standard Prime.

PolarPro DJI Spark Filters

The Cinema Series line of filters for the DJI Spark are constructed out of production quality glass with Anti-reflective coatings to help reduce lens flaring. The DJI Spark Cinema Series filters use a higher-grade glass for pilots who demand the best optics. The Cinema Series is available in straight Neutral Density filters for reducing shutter speed, while leaving the color profile unchanged, and available in ND/PL filters, for reducing shutter speed, reducing glare, and increasing color saturation.

PolarPro DJI SPARK Filters Cinema Series 

The Standard Prime line of filters for the DJI Spark are constructed out of PolarPro’s high definition glass. These DJI Spark filters are designed for recreational pilots who are looking to enhance the look of their photos and videos. The PolarPro Prime Spark Filters are available in both straight ND, and ND/PL filters to cover a variety of lighting conditions.

DJI Spark Filters Prime Series by PolarPro

When to use DJI Spark ND Filters

 When filming video with the Spark, ND filters will help reduce your shutter speed to achieve a smooth cinematic look to your videos. A common rule in cinematography is the 180-degree rule of shutter, which states that your shutter speed should be double frame rate. So if you are filming in 4K 30 FPS then you want to try to get your shutter speed at 1/60th. Often times when shooting at wide open apertures such as 2.8 or 4.0 a filter is required to expose the scene properly. That is where the PolarPro DJI Spark ND filters come in. Depending on how bright it is outside you will need different levels of ND filters to get your shutter speed to double frame rate. It can be challenging to learn exposure calculations, so we developed an app to help you calculate which filter to use with your DJI Spark In summary, each lighting condition will require a different level of ND to get shutter speed to double frame rate. This is why we offer so many different ND Filters for the DJI Spark, so you can get your shutter speed dialed, in any lighting condition. 

When to use DJI Spark Polarizer or ND/PL Filters 

 To begin, lets start with when to use a basic CP filter. You will notice that PolarPro offers a standard CP filter as well as ND/PL filters. They all will polarize your photos and videos which means reduce glare and increase color saturation. The standard polarizer only reduces about 1.5 f-stops of light, while the ND/PL filters reduce greater f-stops of light and polarize as well.  The standard CP filter should be used when you do not need to reduce the cameras shutter speed, such as if you are just shooting images with your DJI Spark. The ND/PL filters should be used when shooting video to help reduce shutter speed to double frame rate as we discussed in the paragraph above.


So what is the difference between the ND and ND/PL filters? 

The simple answer is the ND filters will leave your color profile unchanged, while the ND/PL filters will increase color saturation by reducing glare. Most people get both sets and use the ND/PL’s when they want colors to pop, and use the ND’s when they want the color profile to remain neutral.

DJI Spark ND Polarizer Filter This shot was taken with the DJI SPARK ND16/PL Filter, shot through the Mavic Pro.

How to choose between the Cinema Series and the Prime Series

This decision is very much up to you, and what level of quality you are trying to achieve with your DJI Spark. The Cinema Series uses a higher-grade glass, and the AR coatings will help reduce lens flaring, leaving behind a stunning production quality image. The Cinema Series are a bit more expensive because of the higher-grade glass, and the coatings. The Prime Series still has great glass, and at a more recreational price point. At the end of the day, it just comes down to your personal expectations.

DJI Spark Filters Best filters by PolarPro.png

Why PolarPro DJI Spark Filters? 

We are a company made up of adventure seeking photographers and videographers trying to Capture Perfection. We try to travel the world and shoot as much as we can, and we naturally found ourselves coming up with ways to enhance image quality. All our products are solutions that we have created to solve problems we face in the field. We only make products that can withstand our rugged adventures and live up to our extremely high image quality expectations. Our filters are especially important to us; you will find that we are always enhancing manufacturing processes to deliver the very best optics available. We love our customers and will go out of our way to make sure you are happy and continue to support our brand. We all fly drones here at PolarPro, so if you ever need any support, we have (drone) operators standing by.

PolarPro DJI Spark Filters Team.png

Note that this article is purely informational and the design of the filters may change as we get closer to the ship date. You will find the filters and accessories for the DJI SPARK on this page when they are available:

We will not be giving out any further information regarding these filters or accessories until they are live on the site.