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GoPro Hero5 Collection

FiftyFifty | GoPro

The ultimate over/under dome designed to capture creative split-level photos and videos.


Helios | Cinematic Light Effects

Includes 32 drag-and-drop effects ranging from light leaks, lens flares and light transitions in a variety of colors and styles making them easy to fit the mood and look of your project


Red Filter | GoPro Super Suit

This essential filter delivers vibrant colors throughout your diving photos and videos.


Shutter Collection - Cinema Series | GoPro

Create more cinematic action cam footage with these three essential ND filters


DiveMaster | GoPro Super Suit

The most versatile filter set for all your diving adventures.


SwitchBlade7 | GoPro Super Suit

The ultimate 3-in-1 GoPro dive filter system allows both red+macro, red only, and macro only shooting options