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Kanga | Filter Case

Kanga | Filter Case

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  • Holds and protects either 3-filters or 6-filters 
  • Crush-Proof exoskeleton prevents filters from being smashed in bag
  • Quick-Draw pull system lifts filters out of case for easy access
  • Magnetic enclosure for smooth and quiet opening (no loud velcro noises)
  • Microfiber lining inside, rugged nylon exterior with a built in belt loop


Designed for QuartzLine and all other camera filters, the Kanga Filter Case features a rigid exterior to protect your QuartzLine filters from the elements, and a soft, plush lined interior to prevent lens scratches during storage. Each filter slot has an individual pull tab to gently insert and remove the filters from the case. The Kanga also features a secure magnetic top closure for quick access, and a nylon webbed belt/backpack loop on the backside of the case that allows you to strap it to an easy-access location to change filters on-the-fly. Available in two sizes to hold 3 or 6 filters.


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