Polarizer Filter For GoPro® Standard Housing

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    Polar Pro’s Polarizer filter will increase the quality of your GoPro® videos by reducing glare and increasing color saturation. This GoPro® filter is a must for videographers of any level, looking to improve production value of their videos.

    What is it?

    This filter fits in between the GoPro® Camera and the housing. The filter works by reducing glare entering into the camera. The most common scenarios which glare causes problems is while filming on the snow, or filming near water. This filter will eliminate almost all glare and will dramatically increase the quality of your videos.

    The second benefit these filters have is the increase in color saturation. This means that all of the green, red, and blue colors will pop out in your video without having to use a color correcting editor. The biggest difference is usually noticed in making the sky a deep blue.

    There is a reason why professional photographers and videographers use polarizer filters, and now you can too, with your GoPro®!

    When to use the Polarizer Filter

    This GoPro filter has been proven to work in almost all conditions just short of when it is dumping snow or dark and gloomy. Glare is often present even when it is cloudy, and although the filter may darken the video slightly, it is much easier to lighten up a slightly darker video, than trying to correct an overexposed video.

    When it is Sunny or Partly cloudy it is a sure bet that this filter will help improve your video quality.

    Whether you are throwing cork 9′s in the park, fishing the upper owen’s for some monster brown trout, dropping into pipeline when its triple overhead, or shooting your version of the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” this filter will make your videos stand out from the rest.

    Anti-Fog? Really?

    That’s right! After shooting with these filters for 5 months we have noticed a trend. We always shoot with at least three cameras and time after time the GoPro’s® without the filter fog up, and the ones with the filter stay perfectly clear. We are not scientists but it seems the polarizer filter is hydrophobic and repels the condensation from building up on the lens. It may also be that it creates an extra layer in between the camera and the housing minimizing the amount of condensation that can build up.

    Filter Comparision Video