External Mount-Standard Edition for Hero2/3/3+

GoPro Microphone (2)
Price: $19.99

Improve audio quality of your Hero3 and Hero3+ videos with this microphone.

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  • Product Description

    Hero3/3+ Fitment:

    Requires GoPro Microphone Adaptor

    Hero2 Fitment:

    Direct Plug into Camera

    This microphone will dramatically improve sound of your GoPro® Hero 2 videos.


    Add this microphone to your GoPro® collection and your video viewers will be amazed with the quality of your sound. The microphone is far superior to the microphone which is built in to the GoPro® Hero 2 camera. This microphone will only work with the Hero 2 camera. The GoPro Microphone Adaptor is required for Hero3 and Hero3+ camera.

    Listen to the comparison video and see the difference for yourself.

    You are only one Polar Pro Microphone away from near production quality sound, and for only $19.99!

    GoPro Microphone Comparison Video